Anaheim is a city rich in history and known by travelers all over the world. Most famous for Disneyland, which attracts tourists from nearly every country, Anaheim also boasts several professional sports teams including the Anaheim Ducks and the Anaheim Angels of Los Angeles. Anaheim Packing District is a newly built indoor mall of sorts located near the corner of Lincoln and Harbor. Well-designed with an open feel, the Anaheim Packing District has several posh eateries, rustic coffee houses, and savory micro-brews as well as plenty of space to mingle. The outdoor set-up is phenomenal with gardens, long walking trails and green belts. A must-see for any visitor taking a break from Disneyland, or an Angels game. Just minutes away, tourists can drive to Medieval Times or Knotts Berry Farm for a different twist on entertainment.

Anaheim has several zip codes including, 92807, and 92808 which are also sometimes differentiated as “Anaheim Hills,” although Anaheim Hills falls within the general umbrella of Anaheim proper. One of the most diverse cities in America, you can drive up to multi-million dollar homes in the “Copa de Oro” tract of Anaheim Hills (which sell for over $3Million currently) down to the urban city life in downtown Anaheim. Nearly every ethnicity in the world is represented in Anaheim as visitors from other countries have fallen in love with the night life, entertainment, and central location geographically and have decided to settle down and plant their roots here.

Speaking of diversity, Anaheim homes range from condos in the $200,000s all the way up to Luxury Estates (a home in Copa de Oro is currently listed for $3,999,999). The zip codes really seem to impact price points, as homes in the 92804 zip code can hover around the $500,000s whereas a similar home in the 92807 or 92808 zip code can be as much as $250,000 higher priced. The savvy shopper who researches the neighborhoods and areas will often look at API scores of schools in each area and usually narrow their search to the areas where the higher performing schools reside.

How important are the neighborhoods and zip codes? Here’s an example: Anaheim High School, located in the 92805 zip code, has a overall score of 5. (this is on a scale of 1 to 10). Canyon High School, on the other hand, located in East Anaheim / Anaheim Hills scores a 9. has Anaheim at a 4 and Canyon at a 9. This is a pretty vast difference of school performance for two schools located in the same city. For a complete list of school ratings, go to the following sites and enter zip codes for elementary, junior high, or high school School Ratings and Great Schools

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