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Tis the season to sell your home

A recent article written by Suzanne Roy from Realtor.com encourages you to list your home during the holiday season. They discuss two factors that have contributed to the rise in the real estate market. The first is the increase of international buyers, who generally don’t take American holidays into account when deciding when to buy. Another contributing factor is the mobility of homeowners today. Occupations have a higher turnover rate as well as frequency of relocation of employees compared to our past. This increases the amount of buying and selling that occurs.

Real estate activity is increasing, so why sell over the holiday season? Roy explains that competition is lighter during the holidays, which puts you in a stronger position to receive more potential buyers. Buyers are also more motivated to purchase and close quickly to have their new home ready for the holidays to entertain guests. Climate changes during the winter and Americans tend to spend more time in their homes. This increases the internet traffic, which leads buyers to search for homes online. A good real estate agent goes through great lengths to put your home on the “top of the charts” for internet searches, increasing the frequency potential buyers will view your home. With the reduced number of listings, your agent will have more time to focus on your listing, making it a hassle-free process so you can still enjoy your holiday festivities!